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What is LRN?

LRN “Learning Resource Network” is an English Language Certificate recognized by ASEP and Ofqual and candidates are tested on all skills of written and spoken language (Listening, Reading, Use, Writing, Speaking). The exams are held twice a year, in January and June. It has been widely preferred in recent years by adults who want to obtain a Lower (B2) or Proficiency (C2) level qualification as it provides the following advantages.
  • Accessible exams, no trick questions
  • Favourable for C2 level
  • Favourable for candidates with learning disabilities
  • Pass mark on all levels 50%
  • Marks of all sections are aggregated
  • Listening is heard twice
  • Speaking is prepared 2 weeks before the exam
  • Free re-sit

LRN in LinguaTerra

We offer online LRN courses for B2 (Lower) and C2 (Proficiency) levels through our own innovative digital learning platform. The course is normally conducted with the presence of a qualified and experienced teacher on specific days and times in small classes and at the same time access to extra material is provided for further practice. The preparation course lasts around 3 months and the lessons are held twice a week for 1.5 hours each time.
LRN Online in LinguaTerra
Duration 3 months, start of courses in mid-October/mid-February
Level B2 (Lower) and C2 (Proficiency)
Lessons Online
Course 3 hours/week (2 times of 1.5 hours)
Small classes (from 3 to 6 people)
Learning material Free
Emphasis on Writing and Speaking
Practice on Past Papers
Cost Contact us


Without Speaking and Writing

A set of English Language Qualifications that measures candidates’ English level in Reading and Listening. LTE Qualification can be used to demonstrate general English Language knowledge as well as for more specific purposes in the workplaces and in education (entry or graduation requirements).

For more information about the certification body see here

To see the recognition decision by ASEP click here

Certification recognized by ASEP

  • Online exams with remote, live invigilation only in Reading and Listening
  • Online courses with a teacher
  • 56 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 60-90 minutes
  • Online Exam from your home every day and time
  • Results issued in 2 working days
  • Examination cost: Contact us
  • Lifetime certification
  • All candidates receive a certificate based on their performance
Who is the LanguageCert Test of English intended for?
  • Adults and students.
  • Non-native speakers of English who need an internationally recognised certificate that verifies their English language level.
  • People entering the workplace needing to improve their employability.
  • Anyone in the workplace seeking to advance their career in an increasingly globalised and competitive environment.
  • Those seeking to get a job abroad that requires English language competence.
  • For learners wanting to measure their progress in English independent of course providers.
For more information contact us.

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LinguaTerra, in collaboration with the Hellenic-American Union, provides the opportunity for free online preparation and free participation in the TOEIC exams in order to contribute to the training and certification of as many interested candidates as possible. Register now! By registering with us, we give you free exam preparation material and guidance. In the event of a change in the date of the exams by the Hellenic American Union, which is also responsible for their conduct, there will be an update. If you pass the exam and want your certificate to be issued, you must pay the fee of 150 euros within a month. Your FREE participation in the TOEIC exams is accepted ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN TOEIC exams for free in the PAST. If this is the FIRST time you are taking an exam, you are invited to register in one of the available exam centers. In case of unavailability, you will be personally informed and invited to choose a NEW exam day. Cancellation of participation is accepted at least 15 working days before the scheduled examination. Registration Methods: Complete the online registration form and we will contact you. The exams are held every week in Athens and Thessaloniki and at regular intervals in exam centers throughout Greece.

Who is it intended for?

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test provides certification for those who want to prove their ability to use English in an everyday or professional basis and it is administered on a weekly basis all over Greece at an examination center near you. The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test leads the way, providing all-level certification in English. More than 5 million candidates worldwide take the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test each year. The TOEIC® Listening and Reading is the most flexible English language test in Greece, recognised by ASEP and administered on a weekly basis throughout the year.

What is the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test?

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading is a multiple-choice test designed to measure accurately language proficiency levels among non-native speakers. The scores achieved by the candidates indicate how well they can communicate in English with others in a social or workplace situation. How can the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test be used?
  • Assessing language proficiency
  • Making decisions about personnel selection
  • Promoting staff
  • Determining foreign-language salary allowances
  • Keeping track of the progress of English language acquisition

Who recognizes the TOEIC®?

Public Authorities

Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (Α.Σ.Ε.Π.)
The TOEIC® certificate is recognized by the Private Sector as well as by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) in Greece and is valid for life. The TOEIC® is recognized and accredited by ASEP, as proof of knowledge of English at the following levels: Basic (405-500), Lower (505-780), Advanced (785-920) and Excellent (925-990).
ASEP Level Language Level Score
Excellent Proficiency 925-990
Very Good Advanced 785-920
Good Lower 505-780
Average Basic 405-500
The new scoring levels apply retrospectively to all candidates who attained a certificate from 1.12.2019 onwards. The scoring levels for those candidates who have attained a certificate before 1.12.2021 remain as follows: Very good knowledge (C1): a score from 785 to 900, Good knowledge (B2): a score from 505 to 780, Average knowledge (B1): a score from 405 to 500.

Format & Content

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test lasts 2 hours and consists of 200 multiple choice questions, divided in two parts:
  1. TOEIC® Listening Comprehension PART 1: Photographs (6 questions) PART 2: Question – Response (25 questions) PART 3: Conversations (39 questions) PART 4: Talks (30 questions) Duration: 45′
  2. TOEIC® Reading comprehension PART 5: Incomplete sentences (30 questions) PART 6: Text completion (16 questions) PART 7: Reading comprehension (54 questions) Duration: 75′


Scores on the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test are determined by the number of correct answers. The number of correct responses on each section is converted to a scaled score. Three TOEIC® Listening and Reading scaled scores are given for each examinee:
  • οne for the Listening Section,
  • οne for the Reading Section
  • οne Total Score that consists of the sum of the Listening Section and Reading Section sub-scores..
Each sub-score can range from 5 to 495 points. The Total Score ranges from 10 to 990. There is no negative scoring. The Total Score consists of the sum of the Listening Section and Reading Section sub-scores.


The course Beginners Online is aimed at A1 and A2 levels of the English language as described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
The course lasts 8 months starting in mid-October. The classes are small with up to 6 people and are held 2 times a week for 1 hour. For total cost Contact us. Upon completion of the program, students have the opportunity to participate in exams for the A2 level certification.

*Minimum number of students: 3


What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognized English Language certificate which certifies your ability to study or work in Greece and abroad. The exam consists of four sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) and differs from other Lower or Proficiency exams as it examines language use without focusing on grammar and syntax. For this reason and taking into account the needs of Greek students, LinguaTerra has developed a targeted methodology, placing more emphasis on speaking and writing so that you can be properly prepared and achieve the score that will be your passport to the University of your choice.

IELTS preparation in LinguaTerra

The preparation with us is done online from the comfort of your place through our platform by fully qualified and experienced teachers in the preparation for the specific exam. It includes teaching material designed and adapted to the needs of the exam, personalized guidance, strategies and practice on past papers.

IELTS in LinguaTerra

Duration: 4 weeks – 25 hours & 8 weeks – 50 hours
Courses: Online
Small classes (up to 6 people)

  • Teaching material Free
  • Emphasis on Writing and Speaking
  • Practice on Past Papers

Cost: Contact us

Test format

IELTS Academic has a total of 4 sections. Briefly:

  • Listening: 4 subsections, 40 questions, 30 minutes
  • Reading: 3 subsections, 40 questions, 60 minutes
  • Writing: 2 writing tasks, 150/250 words, 60 minutes
  • Speaking: 3 subsections, 11-14 minutes

The total duration of the test is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. There are two types of exams: paper-based and computer-based. Speaking in both cases is examined with a one-on-one personal interview.

The final score is on a scale of 0 – 9, and the score is valid for 2 years. The cost of the exam is 212 euros and the results are communicated to you 2 weeks after the day of the exam (paper-based IELTS).

Dates and prices per city can be found here: https://www.britishcouncil.gr/en/exam/ielts/book-test


OET (Occupational English Test) is designed to meet the specific English language needs of the healthcare sector. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to practise in an English-speaking environment. All four language skills are assessed, with Writing and Speaking tests available in 12 different areas of healthcare. All candidates sit the same Reading and Listening tests.


OET is accepted as proof of English proficiency in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia and Singapore for registration in 12 healthcare professions.


GMAT is an aptitude test  which examines the candidate’s quantitative, verbal and analytical ability. Requested by applicants for graduate studies in economics. More specifically, it is requested in Master’s programs in Business Administration, Management, in the field of Finance and others. (MBA, MSc). The exam consists of 4 parts: Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning. The total examination time is 4 hours. The scoring scale is 200-800. The Analytical Writing section and the Integrated Reasoning section are scored separately with a score scale of 0-6 and 1-8 respectively. The GMAT test score is valid for five years so you have the flexibility to choose whether to start your postgraduate studies immediately after university or later.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is an international standardized English language proficiency test for people who wish to be admitted to US Universities and their native language is not English. The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and educational institutions.


The Internet-based Test (iBT®) has gradually replaced both the computer-based test (CBT) and the paper-based test (PBT), and is the only one offered in Greece. The TOEFL iBT® exam assesses your ability to use and understand English at university level. It also assesses how well you combine the skills of producing and understanding written and spoken language for academic purposes. All candidates must complete 4 sections – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The exams are conducted by ETS.


Exam sectionSizeDuration
Reading20 questions35 min
Listening28 questions36 min
Speaking4 questions16 min
Writing2 writings29 min


The total duration of the TOEFL test is approximately 2 hours. The score of each section is on a scale of 0 – 30, and the final score on a scale of 0 – 120. The score is valid for 2 years.

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