Why LinguaTerra?

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We celebrate learning without limits! You can attend your classes according to your own schedule, needs and goals no matter where you are. Get connected and start today!


We design the programme you wish to attend based on your needs, goals , level, age and learning style. All our tutors are qualified and experienced. Our teaching methods are student-oriented and we offer customized lessons and courses which follow the international CEFR standards. We use state-of-the-art technology to enhance the learning process and prepare our learners appropriately for the future.
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We are a group of passionate, qualified teachers, committed to education. We put our learners and their goals at the heart of what we do. Our vision is to encourage and motivate them to take control of their learning and be able to succeed in a globalised society.


We are not afraid to be different, try new methods and strive for excellence! Our motto is “Beyond the conventional”.
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How does it work?

In LinguaTerra we use a unique, digital learning environment. The innovative, international platform for e-learning allows every learner to have their own account through which they can sign in, have access to digital material and full control of their learning process. E-learning becomes a unique experience!
More specifically, with a click you:

Sign in your account!

Check your schedule and get updated!

Have access to digital material!

Track your progress!

Start your lesson!

And many more…!

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