LinguaTerra - FAQ


LinguaTerra is an online school. We offer live private or group classes with real teachers who design the lesson adjusted to your needs. Through our high quality courses, experience, advanced platform and technology, we help people learn a foreign language from the comfort of their own home.
All you need is good internet connection, a camera, a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a headset. We are here to train you for the rest!
Yes! As a new learner you can get your first tutoring session for free. After that, you can decide if you want to continue with us.
We offer classes of 60 minutes. However, classes can be adjusted to your schedule after getting in contact with us.
It depends on the course you are interested in. For some courses the purchase of a course book is required. Extra material and online sources are offered as soon as the learner logs in and has access to their account.

The classes are prepaid and we offer alternative ways of payment.

The pre-paid packages of 10 and 20 hours are valid for 2 months.

It’s very easy! Follow the steps and get ready to start your lessons.
You can cancel it without any charge if it is done 24 hours before it starts. There is always the flexibility of making up the lesson as well as changing the schedule after coming into contact with your tutor.
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