September: The goal-setting month

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September is here, we are back from holidays and ready to make plans for the year ahead. September is the month of reinvention and motivation as it brings the “fresh start effect”. September is the new January, it is the month we actually set the foundations for the New Year!

September is the ideal time to make smart goals and stick to them. For example,  you can learn a new language from the comfort of your home and make this time an important meeting for your personal development. To make this resolution real, you need to take action. Go online and  find the  school that suits you! Then , talk with a tutor about your needs and arrange your classes. Starting learning a new language is always exciting because there is something shiny and new to focus on.and this is the key to keep us motivated. It gives us the freedom to become a new, better version of ourselves!

This is the time. No more excuses! No more delays! This is the year to master your English. September is the month with huge “kick start” potential…

Cheers to the new beginnings,

A & G

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